The Carmel_Valley dataset provides a quickly loadable version of a single-sensor mts_monitor object for practicing and code examples.



An mts object with 600 rows and 2 columns of data.


In August of 2016, the Soberanes fire in California burned along the Big Sur coast. It was at the time the most expensive wildfire in US history. This dataset contains PM2.5 monitoring data for the monitor in Carmel Valley which shows heavy smoke as well as strong diurnal cycles associated with sea breezes. Data are stored as an mts object and are used in some examples in the package documentation.

This dataset was generated on 2022-10-12 by running:


Carmel_Valley <-
  airnow_loadAnnual(2016) %>%
  monitor_filterMeta(deviceDeploymentID == "a9572a904a4ed46d_840060530002") %>%
  monitor_filterDate(20160722, 20160815)

save(Carmel_Valley, file = "data/Carmel_Valley.rda")