Wrapper function to load and combine recent data from AirNow, AIRSIS and WRCC:

airnow <- airnow_loadLatest()
airsis <- airsis_loadLatest()
wrcc <- wrcc_loadLatest()
ws_monitor <- monitor_combine(list(airnow, airsis, wrcc))

If dataDir is defined, data will be loaded from this local dirctory. Otherwise, data will be loaded from the monitoring data repository maintained by PWFSL.

The files loaded by this function are updated multiple times an hour and contain data for the previous 10 days.

For daily updates covering the most recent 45 days, use monitor_loadDaily().

For data extended more than 45 days into the past, use monitor_load().

Currently supported parameters include the following:

  1. PM2.5

Avaialble RData files can be seen at: https://haze.airfire.org/monitoring/latest/RData/

  parameter = "PM2.5",
  baseUrl = "https://haze.airfire.org/monitoring/latest/RData/",
  dataDir = NULL



Parameter of interest.


Base URL for 'daily' AirNow data files.


Local directory containing 'daily' data files.


A ws_monitor object with PM2.5 monitoring data.

See also


if (FALSE) { # Fail gracefully if any resources are not available try({ monitor_loadLatest() %>% monitor_subset(stateCodes=CONUS) %>% monitor_map() }, silent = FALSE) }