PWFSLSmoke 1.2.117 Unreleased

Documentation and other fixes to deal with CRAN check issues.

  • Updated various URLs in function documentation.
  • Put all internet connected examples inside a try({ ... }) block to fail gracefully when resources are not available.
  • Updated many examples to use the Camp_Fire dataset.
  • Updated the “Introduction to PWFSLSmoke” vignette to use package data rather than downloading data from the internet.
  • Added Camp_Fire dataset.
  • Moved dataset documentation to separate data.R file.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.116 Unreleased

  • Support for parsing AIRSIS “EBAM MULTI2_B” format.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.115 Unreleased

  • Fixed a cropping issue in staticmap_getEsrimapBrick() which resulted in image boundaries that didn’t exactly match the requested boundaries.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.114 Unreleased

  • Updated all EBAM QC valid_RHi thresholds from 45 -> 50.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.113 Unreleased

  • Updated docker/ files to use R 3.6.3.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.112 Unreleased

  • Updated support for parsing AIRSIS “ESAM Multi” format.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.111 2020-07-02

CRAN manual review suggestions:

  • Use find.package() instead of the much slower installed.packages() to determine if a package is installed.
  • When using par() to set graphical parameters, always use save the previously set parameters and then on.exit(par(opar)) as the very next line.
  • Ensure that tempdir() or tempfile() are used in all examples, tests and vignettes so that no files are written to user directories.
  • Changed many examples from \dontrun{} to \donttest{}.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.110 Unreleased

  • Tweaks for CRAN submission.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.109 Unreleased

  • Removed logging setup from initializeMazamaSpatialutils().

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.108 Unreleased

  • Added support for parsing AIRSIS “ESAM Multi” format.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.107 Unreleased

  • Updated test-timeinfo.R to avoid CRAN Check errors.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.106 Unreleased

  • Added support for parsing AIRSIS “EBAM Plus Multi” format.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.105 Unreleased

  • Documentation tweaks.
  • Removed app/ directory with example web service.
  • Updated vignettes.
  • New vignette: “Example: Save Data as CSV”

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.104 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.103 Unreleased

  • docker version bump
  • documentation typos

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.102 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.101 Unreleased

  • Fix bug in monitor_load() which wouldn’t load data when the specified time range was in the last 10 days.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.100 2019-07-18

  • Version bump for CRAN release.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.11 Unreleased

This patch restores some of the ESRI mapping functionality by providing a function to download, stitch and crop images from ESRI tile services. The new staticmap_getRasterBrick() provides a generalized API for generating basemaps from the two tiling services currently being supported: ESRI and Stamen.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.10 Unreleased

  • Fixes for website documentation

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.9 Unreleased

  • Docker image now includes optparse package so that executable scripts can be run inside the mazamascience/pwfslsmoke image.
  • Fixed error-generating bug in debug.trace(...) statement while processing AirNow data.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.8 Unreleased

This patch release deals with the AirNow’s recent inclusion in their data feeds of US Embassy data. Some Embassy sites are in time zones with fractional offset from UTC. The PWFSLSmoke data model requires that all monitoring data align on hour boundaries. All non-conforming AirNow monitors (mostly in South Asia) are now removed during the early stages of processing.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.7 Unreleased

  • Improved support for non-Olson timezones in timeInfo().
  • Corrected timeInfo() creation of localSstandardTime_UTC.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.6 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.5 Unreleased

  • Updated the WRCC dataset with unitIDs added to the cache in 2018 and 2019.
  • Updated WRCC processing functions to handle a slightly modified header format.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.4 2019-05-01

This patch release deals with the loss of the free basemap generation service utilized by esriMap_getMap(). An authentication token is now required and this patch provides a workaround by using free tiles provided by Stamen and ggmap::get_stamenmap().

The following new functions are provided:

The use of monitor_esriMap() has been purged from all examples and vignettes. The goal is to get to the point of having at least minimal capabilities for generating static maps and resubmitting the package to CRAN.

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.3 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.2 2019-04-04

  • CRAN submission fixes

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.1 Unreleased

  • added an introductory vignette

PWFSLSmoke 1.2.0 Unreleased

Version 1.2.x marks the official release for the 2019 fire season.

  • monitor_leaflet() now visibly returns a leaflet object which can be further customized by the user.
  • code refactoring and cleanup unrelated to functionality – .e.g. indentation
  • logging changes in data processing functions:
    • internal logging statements use TRACE level (previously, many were DEBUG)
    • entering a function will generate a DEBUG level statement with the function name
  • bug fix for monitor_getCurrentStatus()

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.29 Unreleased

Breaking Changes

  • monitor_getCurrentStatus()
    • Argument EndTime now defaults to the most recent time in the given ws_monitor.
    • Ordering of columns in the output table have changed.


PWFSLSmoke 1.1.28 Unreleased

  • Fixed bug in parsing of arb2 monitors in “ebamMulti” format. (unitID 1048)

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.27 Unreleased

  • Fixed bug in monitor_leaflet() which didn’t properly assign colors when some monitors had all missing data.
  • monitor_leaflet() now displays monitors with all missing values as light gray.
  • monitor_leaflet() now invisibly returns a leaflet object which can be further customized by the user.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.26 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.25 Unreleased

Improved documentation and harmonization of monitor_writeCSV() and monitor_print().

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.24 Unreleased

Minor cleanup in preparation for CRAN submission.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.23 Unreleased

This release adds functions for working with generic data.

New Functions

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.22 Unreleased

  • fixed bug in monitor_load() where the incorrect year was used in requests for archival data

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.21 Unreleased

  • lowered logging level inside esriMap_getMap() from INFO to TRACE
  • eliminated section from “Maps and Timeseries Plots” vignette that used now defunct monitor_currentData()

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.20 Unreleased

Breaking Change

  • monitor_writeCurrentGeoJSON() has been removed
  • monitor_currentData() has been removed

New Functions

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.19 Unreleased

This release enhances monitor_getCurrentStatus().

  • Added ‘summary’ columns for previous times to match last times
  • Renamed yesterdayAQI column to yesterday_pm25_24hr for better fit with the column naming scheme
  • Added last_validLocalTimestamp and previous_validLocalTimestamp columns, which are strings showing the local time at a monitor

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.18 Unreleased

This release refactors functions prefixed with monitorPlot_* to instead start with monitor_*, keeping in line with other functions accepting a ws_monitor object as their first argument.

The affected functions are:

Old Name New Name
monitorPlot_dailyBarplot() monitor_dailyBarplot()
monitorPlot_hourlyBarplot() monitor_hourlyBarplot()
monitorPlot_noData() monitor_noDataPlot()
monitorPlot_rollingMean() monitor_rollingMeanPlot()
monitorPlot_timeseries() monitor_timeseriesPlot()

In addition, monitorPlot_timeOfDaySpaghetti() has been marked as defunct, with no replacement.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.17 Unreleased

Added new function monitor_getCurrentStatus(), which returns a data frame containing meta information as well as current status information given a ws_monitor_ object.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.16 Unreleased

  • added additional logging to EsriMap_getMap()
  • added PWFSL monitoring site “mv4” AQI colors
  • monitor_currentData() bug fix

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.15 Unreleased

  • spell check

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.14 Unreleased

Add convenience functions monitor_extractData() and monitor_extractMeta(), which return the dataframes inside a ws_monitor object.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.13 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.12 Unreleased

This release refactors functions so that all functions accepting a ws_monitor object as their first parameter include the monitor_ prefix in their name.

The affected functions are:

Old Name New Name
monitorDygraph() monitor_dygraph()
monitorEsriMap() monitor_esriMap()
monitorLeaflet() monitor_leaflet()
monitorMap() monitor_map()
monitorMap_performance() monitor_performanceMap()

In addition, monitorGoogleMap() has been deprecated in favor of monitor_esriMap().

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.11 Unreleased

  • montor_collapse() now returns a ws_monitor object with a full ‘meta’ dataframe that retains any metadata that is shared
  • added monitor_timeInfo() convenience wrapper
  • added localStandardTime_UTC and daylightSavings columns to the dataframe returned by timeInfo()

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.10 Unreleased

Moving all base plot related code from PWFSLSmokePlot to PWFSLSmoke so that all functionality in the former is purely ggplot2 based.

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.9 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.8 Unreleased

  • %>% is now exported
  • added new monitor_download~() functions to download local copies of PWFSL monitor data files.
  • added new monitor_loadLatest(), monitor_loadDaily() and monitor_loadAnnual() functions
  • refactored airnow, airsis, epa and wrcc ~_load~() functions to include a dataDir parameter to allow data loading from a local directory rather than always from the internet. the airsis and wrcc functions now support the (unused) parameter argument to match the airnow function signature

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.7 Unreleased

  • added loadData() to load monitoring data covering any time period within a single year
  • fixed monitor_join() to skip over monitorIDs that are not found in either of the monitor objects being joined together

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.6 Unreleased

  • actual parsing done by lubridate::parse_date_time
  • vectorized for inputs
  • handle any format of Ymd[HMS] (including multiple formats within same input)
  • new parameter expectAll, which controls how strict the parsing should be about accepting failures
  • added unit tests

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.5 Unreleased

  • add testthat framework to package

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.4 Unreleased

  • tweaks for CRAN submission
  • cleanup recommended by goodpractice package
  • removed non-functioning monitorGooglMap() and updated examples to use monitorEsriMap() instead
  • additional logging in esriMap_getMap()

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.3 2018-10-05

  • added logging functionality to esriMap_getMap()

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.2 Unreleased

  • removed dependence on zoo package in favor of tidyr for filling data

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.1 Unreleased

  • added linting configuration and suggest lintr package
  • added PWFSLSmoke.Rproj for consistent development
  • added Travis-CI configuration

PWFSLSmoke 1.1.0 Unreleased

  • version bump

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.33 2018-09-24

  • updated docker/ to use mazamascience/spatialutils:0.5.4 which is based off of rocker/tidyverse:3.5.1
  • tweaks for CRAN submission

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.32 Unreleased

  • new monitor_toTidy() function to convert ws_monitor objects into tidyverse ‘tidy-formatted’ data (see more here)
  • new monitor_isTidy() function to check if given data is in a ‘tidy’ format

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.31 Unreleased

  • bug fix for “negative subscripts” error from monitor_writeCurrentGeoJSON()*
  • modified Maps_and_Timeseries_Plots vignette to use ESRI maps instead of Google maps.

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.30 Unreleased

  • added support for parsing for AIRSIS ARB2 EBAM-Multi file format (ARB2 unitIDs 1044-1049)

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.29 Unreleased

  • updated monitor_nowcast() algorithm to return NA when monitor data re missing. (See the NowCast vignette.)

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.28 Unreleased

  • support for datetime parameter in monitor_writeCurrentGeoJSON() and monitor_currentData()

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.27 Unreleased

  • added monitor_writeCurrentGeoJSON() function
  • monitor_currentData() returns metadata in addition to current data
  • added monitor_writeCSV() function
  • enabled monitor_print() quietly=TRUE

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.26 Unreleased

  • added monitor_currentData() function

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.25 Unreleased

  • added package environment with googleApiKey, esriApiKey and getter/setter functions for each
  • added addEsriAddress() function

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.24 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.23 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.22 Unreleased

  • fixed bug in monitor_join() which failed when a monitorID was missing from one of the ws_monitor objects being joined

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.21 Unreleased

  • removed errant TAB character from AQI_es$names

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.20 2018-05-08

  • tweaks for CRAN submission

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.19 Unreleased

  • fixed bug in esriMap_getMap() when width != height
  • fixed single-digit month parsing in airnow_load()
  • capitalized AQI$names: ‘Good’, ‘Moderate’, …
  • added addAQIStackedBars() function
  • added example test for monitor_load() which then tests monitor_combine()
  • shrunk legend in monitorDygraph()
  • changed monitorDygraph() to default to UTC when more than one timezone is present
  • added AQI$actions – text with suggested actions to protect health
  • added language specific versions of AQI: AQI_en and AQI_es
  • added monitor_isMonitor() to validate the structure of a ws_monitor object
  • updated example code in all functions
  • turning off grid lines with ~Lwd=0 in monitorPlot_timeseries() now works on Windows
  • monitorPlot_dailyBarplot() accepts tlim argument of class POSIXct

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.18 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.17 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.16 2018-03-06

  • tweaks for CRAN submission

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.15 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.14 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.13 Unreleased

  • fixed bug in monitor_dailyStatistics() that ignored the last full day. Thanks to jmatchett for the fix.

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.12 Unreleased

  • changed daily_avg to dailyAvg in monitor_dailyStatistics() argument extraColumns

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.11 Unreleased

  • new monitor_asDataframe() function
  • fixed bug in monitor_dailyStatistics() that appeared when the host computer runs in the UTC timezone

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.10 2018-01-17

  • tweaks for CRAN submission

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.9 Unreleased

  • tweaks for CRAN submission
  • removed dependency on xml2 and rvest packages

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.8 Unreleased

  • removed dependency on RCurl package
  • internal WRCC object with unitIDs is now a list of lists
  • more consistent error handling and logging during WRCC data processing
  • updated airnow_loadLatest() function to access real-time, last 10 day files
  • new airnow_loadDaily() function to access daily-updated, last 45 day files
  • new wrcc_load() function to access pre-generated annual .RData files
  • updated wrcc_loadLatest() function to access real-time, last 10 day files
  • new wrcc_loadDaily() function to access daily-updated, last 45 day files

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.7 2018-01-12

  • more consistent error handling and logging during AIRSIS data processing
  • new airsis_load() function to access pre-generated annual .RData files

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.6 Unreleased

  • consistent use of log levels during AirNow data processing
  • updated airnow_load() function to access pre-generated monthly .RData files
  • properly closing connections in epa_load() and airnow_load()

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.5 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.4 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.3 2018-01-05

  • tweaks for CRAN submission
  • fixed bug in monitor_subsetBy() when filtering on metadata columns with NAs present

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.2 Unreleased

  • monitor~ functions now test for empty ws_monitor objects
  • new Github localNotebooks/ directory contains detailed examples

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.1 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 1.0.0 Unreleased

  • changed the non-guaranteed columns in ws_monitor$meta
  • ws_monitor$meta$monitorID is now a combination of new metadata columns siteID and instrumentID
  • added initializeMazamaSpatialUtils() convenience function
  • new US_52 vector of all US state codes including DC and PR
  • upgraded all ~_createMetaDataframes() to produce v1.0 metadata
  • airnow_createMetaDataframes() filters incoming sites for countryCode %in% c('CA','MX','US'), discarding sites associated with other countries
  • monitorPlot_timeseries() argument aqiDots renamed to aqidots
  • new airnow_createMonitorObjects() function
  • new addUSGSElevation() function
  • deprecating addGoogleMetadata() in favor of new functions addGoogleElevation() and addGoogleAddress()
  • removed all openaq_~ data download and processing functions
  • added zeroMinimum parameter to data ingest functions to specify whether negative values should be converted to zero
  • renamed airnow_downloadData() to airnow_downloadParseData()
  • new monitor_join() function allows you to merge the data of ws_monitor objects with shared monitorIDs
  • renamed CarmelValley dataset to Carmel_Valley
  • converted all uses of GMT to UTC
  • new createEmptyMetaDataframe() function
  • monitor_subset~() functions now return ‘meta’ dataframes with zero rows and ‘data’ dataframes with a single datetime column rather than NULL when no monitors exist in the subset.

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.37 Unreleased

  • fixed bugs in airsis_availableUnits()
  • export of AIRSIS object containing a list of understood unitTypes (primarily for internal use)
  • new examples/airsis_2017.R demonstrating creation of an AIRSIS monitoring dataset for 2017.

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.36 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.35 Unreleased

  • removed extraneous file for CRAN upload

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.34 Unreleased

  • handling for additional ‘UnitID’ column in AIRSIS output

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.33 2017-12-12

  • tweaked esriMap_~ examples for CRAN upload

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.32 Unreleased

  • tweaked NowCast vignette for CRAN upload

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.31 Unreleased

  • refactored esriMap_getMap() to use httr package
  • added NowCast vignette

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.30 Unreleased

  • new airsis_availableUnits() function
  • new AIRSIS object with available monitor types
  • fix to esriMap_getMap() to ensure that projected maps are the correct size
  • esriMap_getMap() arguments changed to: bboxString

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.29 Unreleased

  • functions for ESRI Maps added: esriMap_getMap(), esriMap_plotOnStaticMap(), monitorEsriMap()
  • new addMarker() function to add a marker to a plot

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.28 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.27 Unreleased

  • corrected monitor_nowcast() now calculates values after the first 2 valid measurements
  • new monitor_aqi() algorithm
  • changed EBAM and E-Sampler QC pm25 threshold to accept as valid any pm25 value up to 5000 ug/m3

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.26 Unreleased

  • avoid using Google elevation service whenever monitor metadata is already present

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.25 Unreleased

  • more detailed logging output

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.24 Unreleased

  • avoid using Google address service whenever monitor metadata is already present

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.23 Unreleased

  • bug fix for monitor assignment issues in WRCC and AIRSIS monitors that move

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.22 Unreleased

  • correction to monitor_nowcast() algorithm
  • updated vignettes to use package datasets

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.20 Unreleased

  • added support for parsing of BAM1020 data from AIRSIS

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.19 Unreleased

  • bug fix in quality control processing to handle monitors with no PM2.5 measurements

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.18 Unreleased

  • bug fix in parsing of E-Sampler data from AIRSIS

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.17 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.16 Unreleased

  • bug fix in creation of temporary monitors

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.15 Unreleased

  • monitorID now uses monitorName and deploymentID

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.14 Unreleased

  • improved use of DEBUG and INFO logging statements during AIRSIS and WRCC data processing
  • new deploymentID for temporary monitors based on lon_lat rather than cluster ID
  • reset to zero any negative pm25 values in that make it through QC (AIRSIS and WRCC only)
  • fixed duplicate hour flagging bug during QC
  • added flagAndKeep capability to airsis_createRawDataframe() and wrcc_createRawDataframe()
  • raw_enhance() now handles AIRSIS EBAM files

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.13 Unreleased

  • refactored airsisDump_createMonitorObject() which was previously applying QC before splitting by monitorID
  • fixed WRCC E-Sampler multiplication bug in raw_enhance()

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.12 Unreleased

  • fixed bug in monitor_combine() so that it now works when monitorList contains a single ws_monitor object
  • fixed bugs in wrccDump_parseData() and airsisDump_parseData() which failed when a monitor had a single record of data

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.11 Unreleased

  • ‘gnats’ style timeseries plots now plotting squares to speed things up
  • maps now work when meta$stateCode is missing
  • parseDatetime() returns POSIXct unmodified
  • monitor_subsetBy() drops monitors when filter evaluates to NA
  • all parameters now called longitude and latitude instead of lon and lat
  • new monitor_scaleData() function
  • fixed monitorMap_performance() issue with legend colors

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.10 Unreleased

  • added docker/ directory showing how to create a docker image
  • added app/ directory showing how to create a jug based web service

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.9 2017-03-11

  • added epa_~() data processing functions
  • added example datasets: Northwest_Megafires, CarmelValley
  • refactored many examples to use example datasets and run during R CMD check[
  • removed rowname creation for ‘data’ dataframe
  • renamed addLegend() -> addAQILegend()
  • added addAQILines()
  • lots of documentation fixes

PWFSLSmoke 0.99.0 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.9.7 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.9.6 Unreleased

  • renamed vignette to AIRSIS_Data_Handling and updated content
  • removed unused minCount parameter from addClustering()
  • improved documentation in raw_enhance()

PWFSLSmoke 0.9.5 Unreleased

  • renamed addShadedNights() to addShadedNight()`
  • addBullseye() accepts more arguments and works with RgoogleMaps map objects
  • monitorDygraph() now accepts tlim argument instead of dateWindow
  • cleaned up various examples
  • removed localDNR/ and localData/ directories
  • removed unused test code from localExamples/

PWFSLSmoke 0.9.4 Unreleased

  • new addIcon() function adds icons to maps and RgoogleMaps map objects

PWFSLSmoke 0.9.3 Unreleased

  • First alpha release with functionality for downloading and processing PM2.5 monitoring data from AirNow, AIRSIS and WRCC.

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.6 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.5 Unreleased

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.4 Unreleased

  • monitor_combine() now accepts a list of monitors instead of just two.
  • New df_timeOfDaySpaghettiPlot() for working with “df_” data (raw “engineering” data but cleaned up and augmented).
  • New df_getHighlightDates() function to find dates with unusual values in the “engineering” data.

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.3 Unreleased

  • All new AIRSIS data processing

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.1 Unreleased

  • Cleanup and regularization of plotting functions.

PWFSLSmoke 0.8.0 Unreleased

  • Plotting functions added.

PWFSLSmoke 0.7.2 Unreleased

  • Removed AQI breaks for 1-3 hr and 8hr. Now only using 24-hr, daily avg. breaks. The package now only supports 24-hour AQI breaks.
  • Modified function signatures for monitor_timeseriesPlot(), monitor_map() and monitor_leaflet() to remove/modify their use of the AQIStyle argument.
  • Updated localExamples/Washington_August_2015.R

PWFSLSmoke 0.7.1 Unreleased

  • Added data model vignette.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • New example in localExamples directory.

PWFSLSmoke 0.7.0 Unreleased

  • Initial extraction/refactoring of base code from wildfireSmoke package.